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Mutual Fund

Basic Information

What is Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is an investment scheme which is managed by highly qualified professional fund manager, usually run by an asset management company. It is an investment vehicle which pools investors' money and invests the same for and on behalf of investors into stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other assets. The money is received by the AMC with a promise that it will be invested in a particular manner by professional managers (commonly known as fund managers). The fund managers are expected to honour this promise. The SEBI and the Board of Trustees ensure that this actually happens.

As an investor, you can buy mutual fund 'units', which basically represent your share of holdings in a particular scheme. These units can be purchased or redeemed as needed at the fund's current net asset value (NAV). These NAVs keep fluctuating, according to the fund's holdings. So, each investor participates proportionally in the gain or loss of the fund.


Some of the characteristic features of mutual funds are

 Units can be purchased from the fund house itself instead of other investors on a secondary market

  • Units are exchangeable, meaning investors can sell their units back to the fund
  • Generally new units are created and sold to accommodate new investors

The investment portfolios are managed by separate entities known as investment advisors


  • Professional Management 
  • Diversification – Lesser Risk
  • Economies of Scale
  • Liquidity
  • Simplicity
  • Easiest Tracking
  • Excellent Return
  • Secure
  • Transparency
  • Tax Benefit
  • Well Regulated
  • Multiple choice


  • Costs despite Negative Returns
  • Lack of Control
  • Price Uncertainty

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Mutual funds are Differentiated based on their investment objective, structure, and other schemes. These are mentioned as below


  • Open-ended schemes
  • Close-ended schemes
  • Interval schemes

Investment Objective

  • Growth schemes
  • Income schemes
  • Balanced schemes
  • Money market schemes

Other Schemes

  • Tax Saving Schemes
  • Special Schemes
  • Index Schemes
  • Sector Schemes


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